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Our Journey

Our journey at Upper Hills Travel is intimately connected with the stunning destinations we specialize in: Chamba, Dalhousie, Khajjiar, and Bharmour and many more hidden destinations. Situated in the majestic Himalayan region, these places have woven themselves into the fabric of our identity. Chamba’s rich history, Dalhousie’s natural beauty, Khajjiar’s picturesque allure, and Bharmour’s spiritual significance all play pivotal roles in our story. With a wealth of experience and an in-depth understanding of these regions, we offer curated experiences that capture the essence of these destinations, ensuring your travels are not just memorable but also authentic. Whether you’re in pursuit of adventure, history, or relaxation, we are dedicated to crafting tailored experiences that prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, inviting you to join us on an unforgettable journey.

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